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Great piece, Gary!

While your focus was mostly on Ireland and the UK, this could just as easily have been written about Canada (where I live), or Australia, or virtually any country in the world. We ALL have more than our share of totally amoral politicians, so-called 'health experts', and a media corps who have abdicated all responsibility for ethical journalism (I call them together the Trifecta of Terror)...and they have together inflicted this misery on us for the past 15 months. How they all (with perhaps the notable exception of Tanzania) agreed on similar draconian, police-state measures to remove our human rights and civil liberties in the guise of controlling a 'deadly virus' is beyond comprehension...and how they managed to persuade heretofore rational-minded individuals to not only blindly accept their diktats but actually become their cheerleaders, is downright Orwellian.

We have our work cut out for us.

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Another excellent piece Gary.

I don't think it's going to happen though,the FEW...sorry,the WEF have already said that the next "emergency pandemic" will be an internet one. Ominously smells like they are planning on killing it for 'improvements'...gee why don't I believe that.Then they may play their last card as spoken of numerous times by Wernher von Braun according to Dr Carol Rosin,'The Alien Invasion',or as believers in God call it, the demonic invasion.

I don't know if I've said it before on this site,but I truly believe that the year 2030 will be Yeshua's return,so 2023 will be the beginning of the rise of the antichrist,funny enough,just when the depopulation jab trials end,but that would be purely coincidental,wouldn't it?

Keep praying.Psalm 46:10.......words to live by.

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If, and it’s a big if, Nuremburg 2 does anything at all, it will be nowhere near enough

i fear. In Nuremburg 1 only doctors, nurses, selected media people and dispensable Generals were dealt with. Those higher up the chain were sent to Mexico to live out their lives in luxury

and of course the 1% were never touched because they ran the whole thing.

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I realy hope that Nuremberg trial will work, and we shall be free again.This is our last chance for survival. Otherwise the end of humanity as know will come,and too many naive people all over the world are wilingly giving their hands to this deadly jab.

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Love the Adams family quip. God knows we all need a bit of humour in our lives. Personally, I think if there was ever a case needed to prove shapeshifters do indeed exist among us we need look no further than the the weird looking 'Witless'. Not sure what animal he is though. A weasel perhaps.

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The covid scam is a global operation in all countries who have signed for the 'agenda 2030' UN plan of global destruction.

The criminals behind this scam haven't heistated to kill (John Magufuli president of Tanzania), harm, arrest, harass anyone telling the truth or not complying with their fascist rules.

But the main culprit is the public, the useful idiots who are the ones enforcing fascism in everyday life, in shops, pubs, streets, restaurants, transports, etc...

All the idiotic covid cult members who have an anus instead of a brain (wearing face diapers don't help), all the moronic masses believing in voodoo science, media lies and charlatanism are the ones pushing our world into complete darkness.

Dictatorships never last without public support. It took 70 years for the USSR to finally die of its internal lies, one decade for Hitler, how long have the psychopaths and their 'new world order' have been at our throats?

How to wake up the sheeple is the real question.

And somehow if they would die from being jabbed with poison, maybe humnaity would have a chance.

make it quick please.

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