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Sadly I don't think a lot of people give a shit anymore as they're more concerned with shiny objects that amuse them for the 15 seconds they have the concentration for.A sad age we live in where most can't see the wood for the trees,and their fellow man gets trampled more and more into the dirt to little or no reaction.

These pedophile (and I don't buy the mental health disorder lie) enablers all need Nuremberg type trials with the pedophiles themselves (they are all guilty of the heinous crimes against children),then locked away from mankind permanently.But that will never happen,not this side of judgement day,not when the mason judges,police chiefs,politicians,msm, etc. make sure they never sees a courtroom,the whole system is rigged in their favor.

Currie like her cohorts,is a disgrace to mankind and was probably wheeled out because the television actors and youtube "celebrities" weren't sincere enough while trying to sell the depop shot.I despair at what people have become,the only upshot is we now know who to avoid and even that is cold comfort as these were our friends,family and neighbours who sadly believe that we are a disease-ridden sub-human species,and nothing could be farther from the truth,the reality is that in taking the experimental gene therapy they are not the same creation that God made,but would they understand that their DNA has been altered?

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