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Dirty ,filthy, pedo protecting bastards.Thanks for the update on this Gary,horrifying as it is.

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You're right on all counts, of course, as always, Gary; and after reading the comments following the news site article, I confess that I'm like a lot of those folks in that it's hard to confront such evil and hard to fathom how it can ever happen, but as many of them said also, it's unlikely any of the "authorities" who failed the child will ever face any consequences, which only furthers the evil in this world. I will add though that I think the designers of this scamdemic and lockdowns had such a decline in mind as part of their overall scheme of destroying the current system so as to usher in their Great Reset and NWO. There have been lots more suicides worldwide no doubt as a result of all this, and probably domestic abuse, child abuse, etc. All by design, I propose, as they have also pushed social media usage, so as to increase "mass hysteria", as covered here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322607, not that I'm a fan of such sites usually.

Anyway, as others noted also, the boy is in a much better, safer place now and no one can hurt him anymore, since he's earned his angel wings.

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I finally got around to it: Pathetic Policing Is At Pandemic Levels part 2:


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Well, I may or may not do a "Pathetic Policing Is At Pandemic Levels" part 2, but I can tell you that I've posted dozens all around Toronto. I posted a few that didn't include the note that those are UK police until I realized that I should do that.

This is what my poster looks like:


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