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Mar 26, 2021Liked by Wake TF Up Weekly

"Another day, another scandal. Who’ll clean up the rat droppings this time?"

Well maybe they will try and 'hush money' it out of sight,for the sake of these families (and all families of disabled children) I hope they are told to 'Fuck Off' by said families as they seek legal action.These evil corporate entities that display themselves as governments need taken down,sacked removed and hopefully jailed,never to be allowed to hold any kind of office again.

Let them go back to their puppet masters in the UK and Europe,(I say the UK because I am becoming more convinced that they still run the show....see the gold fringed national flags that (I have started noticing over the past year,maybe they were always there?) are being used,and I know "it has been debunked"....yeah like Bill Gates not being an evil bastard debunked!

The freedom parties need to get their effing acts together,,come up with a set of laws for administering the people as servants of the people,not serpents, oh wait! we already have the proclamation.....who would have thought.And like Saint Patrick,beat these snakes out of Ireland again...for good.

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