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Thank you for addressing this timely issue, Gary. As a Christian, I am sickened by the justifying rhetoric, seeming mindlessness, and gross hypocrisy of my fellows on the (so wrongly) Right. Actually, I’m no longer aligning myself with the binary party construct, but nonetheless I’d like to think that those who ascribe to the Biblical tenets would have, at least, a common sense view of the efforts by the few ( the supposed chosen ones) to terrorize the many, especially the children. Where is the warrior ethic of old by which men would protect those who are innocent and vulnerable; where is the Golden Rule operative in word and action; where is the God-given instinct to empathize with all His children, regardless of their skin color or country of origin? I just don’t get it. This apparent disconnect can no longer justify itself as ignorance: it is wanton abuse and, sadly, terror. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how frightened, alone, and helpless the children of Palestine must feel. And, yet, they are stoic in their response. What can I do to awaken my fellow Christians who, on the one hand, push for the sovereignty of all humans, the right to life, and the Godly precepts of compassion and virtue, yet on the other call for the massacre of a whole peoples? I just don’t know. I’m at a loss. Are words enough? If not, what action can I take? I’m ashamed of what we’ve become and where we’re headed. And, as a part Jew, I’m undressed mentally and emotionally by the horrors my Ashkenazi brethren have visited upon the world. May God have mercy upon those children.

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Sadly the very people that claim to be Yah's chosen don't read the Torah or the Tanakh,they have it explained to them by rabbis,who live by the Talmud and live by the kabbalah ,for the most part.If they did read it themselves they would not be in Palestine,they would wait until the Messiah Jeshua (Jesus) allows it.And as you have already pointed out "Thou shalt not kill" seems to be overlooked by not just the Jewish people but mostly all believers in Yahweh.

I believe that the zionists have been 'forcing' prophecy for years (but Christians know that Yeshua already warned us about what is happening as we live and breathe) for the false messiah to be able to take the worlds stage,unfortunately the best we can do is to pray to the Father through Yeshua to help our family.Again,sadly Ezekiel’s prophecy and Revelation 20 seem to be on the way,and they (the evil ones)have been creating a fake famine from last year may our God have mercy on and protect us all.

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