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A "Green" DIGITAL ID PASSPORT will soon emerge through a 5G environment just as Vaccines are emerging through a Corona-Virus pandemic. Both "sets" work together, proportionally, and comprise four basic requirements of the technocratic Great Reset New Green Deal New World Order. It works like this: here is a formula for proportionality, aka the algebraic ratio:

A/B = C/D.

Otherwise put,

A is to B as C is to D,

and also,

A is to C as B is to D.

Plato's Timaeus helps unlock the Great Reset secret agenda: Corona-Virus fear, the Vaccines, 5G, and a Digital ID Passport will all be working together as one. United with proportion, it is therefore a powerful system, as earth is to fire and wind is to water; but this technocratic utopia is fragile: disrupt just one of the four elements, and the whole unatural system teeters: If, for whatever reason, there can be no Vaccine, there can thus be no Digital ID Passport; and without a Digital ID Passport, there can be no justification for 5G. But 5G is connected with the Corona Virus pandemic (additionally, they both rolled out simultaneously while Earth was in lockdown). 5G high-frequency directly enables a Digital ID-Passport system as Covid fear directly enables a global Vaccination system. Two environnents, each with its own corelating spieces; all four parts existing in balance together display the complex foundations of the technocratic grand schemata enabling their Great Reset or New Green Deal or New World Order etc. So here is metaphorical reasoning to help reveal the mystery connecting 5G and Corona Virus: both 5G and the fear of Corona Virus are environments, which each directly justifies the emergence of one of two technologies: Digital ID Passport and the Vaccines. Cycle after cycle, lockdown after lockdown,

5G-power and Covid-paranoia create "environments" while Digital ID Passports and Vaccines emerge as technologically unnatural "species." Otherwise put, 5G enables its own Digital ID Passport AS Corona Virus enables its own Vaccines. And, if the metaphor rings true, then most importantly here, it conversly must also ring true that a Digital ID Passport is to Vaccines as 5G is to Corona Virus. In other words, if the Digital ID Passport works with the Vaccines, then it must also be that 5G works with Corona Virus; but environments are hard to detect and work subliminally; it's the tree in the face when seeking the forest. therefore, to the degree of posibility of a connection existing between a Digital Health Passport and the Vaccines, it is also the same degree of possibility of a connection existing between 5G and the Corona Virus. So here's the ultimate test to prove this conspiracy theory true: simply cross check the math: if you can detect any connection between the Vaccines and the emerging Digital ID Passport system, any connection at all, then you must also be able to detect the connection between Covid-paranoia and 5G-power. At least, the possibility for detection of connection exists; most people are sheeple who obviously don't see the connection between Corona Virus and 5G, but obvious behind-the-scenes back-room deals amongst the world's wealthiest unite Big Tech with Big Pharma. Without their co-operating and collaberating together, there would be no Great Reset "plandemic" for sure (the media, however, as an essential component here is simply a device that forms the perception of Corona Viris in the minds of the masses and is thus a part of Corona Virus itself: a marrionette holds his puppet as the world's wealthiest hold the media). But their great unnatural system is, however, united through proportion, and such careful balance of all four essential parts actually working together thus forming an efficient system can only be a result of deliberacy - a left-brained, narrow-minded psychopathic conspiracy against the 99%. That's a theory. If algebra is math, here's mathematical proof that it's a plandemic:

Its called metaphorical reasoning; its not logic, which is simple, but it is algebra, which is complex:

A/B = C/D

Otherwise put,

A is to B as C is to D

and conversly,

A is to C as B is to D

5G enables Digital ID Passport as Corona Virus enables Vaccines;

and conversly,

5G enables Corona Virus as Digital ID Passport enables Vaccines.

The ultimate point here is that 5G enables Corona Virus, and that's mathematically provable. Some backroom deals and covert planning must have been made amongst the world's wealthiest 1% in order to hybridize the two entities of big pharma and big communications tech into a united system. It is thus a plandemic for sure.

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I wish I could write to them,but, a Nordy here.

Evil bastards,the lot of them,pushing their satanic agenda,and I fear they will get their evil way,either now or shortly in the future (Revelation 13:11-18).

My prayers are with you all,and may Yahweh and His Beloved Son Yeshua protect us all.

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