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I only discovered Gript Media in Summer 2020 and I thought it was a fresh take on the bull shit narrative of the day, with great analysis and reporting by Ben Scallan in particular.

I soon enough decided to no longer view it as a valid news source with an alternative view as It soon transpired that John McGuirk is an Odious Piece of Crap spouting the same Covid Religion nonsense as MSM and celebrating the vaccine roll out from day one!

If he and his underlings really cared about " challenging the consensus, facilitating debate, and delivering news & analysis without the liberal filter" they should have kept the comments section on their articles open but they obviously recently removed that option on the website as It was quite clear from the many comments that I had left under his articles challenging his views they were moderated and blocked and not allowed to be posted!

For it seems that Mr McGuirk is only interested in pushing the same narrative as everyone else which makes me think that he IS being paid to do that and from the links and ties in the article it may be true, but coming out with your Paupers Hat seeking monetary donations claiming to be an alternative News source when your not is a complete Lie!!

There are many stories and situations that John McGuirk could throw his Expert Journalistic Skills at unraveling and bringing to light but choosing to "debunk" a very real situation as a fodder and nothing more than a fringe idea is quite pathetic and is the reason I would no longer waste my time with his website!

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Well, it does seem like McGuirk "got the memo" indeed, that is, the memo from the CIA on how to counter claims of a conspiracy, memo #1035-960: https://projectunspeakable.com/conspiracy-theory-invention-of-cia/ See also the actual memo: https://conspiracy-theories.eu/countering-criticism-of-the-warren-report-psych-1967/

So I follow you Gary on how McGuirk was working for Declan Ganley at Rivada Networks, which is also in the Wiki article on him, but what's also interesting in reading more on Ganley is how he was the founder & Chairman of the Libertas party, and then, per Wiki: "In 2008, the European Union was reported to ask US Congress about Libertas funding. Gay Mitchell, Irish MEP, questioned whether the Libertas's €1.3 million budget was backed by the CIA or the US military - a claim Ganley and many others openly mocked. Ganley has never provided exact details on the source of funding." Kind of the same trick as McGuirk, i.e. to mock something so as to deflect attention, but then never come clean either, just sweep it under the rug.

It would be interesting to know if the US Congress ever divulged anything about funding Libertas, but I suspect that would've been done through various CIA cut-outs and hard to track, in any event. Interesting though how somehow Mitchell smelled a rat; he was probably right.

I still suspect though that somehow McGuirk has some sort of connection with the MI6/GCHQ project "Integrity Initiative" or a spin-off: https://ansionnachfionn.com/2018/12/21/the-mysterious-institute-for-statecraft-the-integrity-initiative-and-british-black-ops/

Back to the subject of denying conspiracies though, I wish I'd known this quote of FDR earlier, to use in such cases: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." And it should be clear to all by now that the scamdemic is certainly politics, albeit not as we used to think of that subject, since it's so international in scope.

I wonder how McGuirk would respond to a challenge to debunk Carroll Quigley's books, or Antony Sutton's, or even just the links you gave above, or your article here.

"Good luck with that", eh?

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"""While slavery of the old form no longer exists in the so-called civilized countries, in its new form it is a most tragic reality for many of the people...With the new order they are requested to cover their bodies with clothing...The heart and courage of these people has been largely broken by the action of the government in taking away their shields...They depended upon their shields to protect them from the arrows of the other tribes...As we had found in some of the modernized islands of the Pacific, we discovered that here, too, discouragement and a longing for death had taken the place of a joy in living in many. Few souls in the world have experienced this discouragement and this longing to a greater degree.""" ~Weston A. Price, 1939

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Well,if they are not for us,they are against us.It doesn't get any easier than that as far as I'm concerned.So much proof (as you rightly said Gary)has come to light this past year alone to think it a tin foil hat issue.

The light of God is exposing those who work for darkness...the apocalypse is upon us.

Nice piece Gary,thanks for exposing him.

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