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Good article as always, Gary, but too bad you'll never get mainstream media coverage in exposing hypocrisy, as is the case worldwide. Part of the problem worldwide as well as in Ireland is how the MSM are hiding all the damage done by the vax, thus the public don't see the hypocrisy in these guys that we do. A paragraph in a new post by Caitlin Johnstone is apropos:

"Which is of course the idea. A tremendous amount of effort goes into keeping the public from awakening to and freeing themselves from the injustices of status quo systems while still giving them the illusion of freedom. Whoever controls the narrative controls the world."


Re the next to last paragraph of your post, maybe both are true, instead of "either/or", i.e. "they are deeply disturbed sociopathic criminals who are hell-bent on depriving the Irish people of health and liberty, while laughing at the gullibility of the masses."

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Thanks Gary,I wouldn't have known of this only for your newsletters (don't watch mainstream and very rarely read it).

What they do and say (as you already know) is all contrived by their paymasters and ultimately by their boss satan.I think I worked out last year that the amount of sociopaths in the world is around 430 million,leaving just 70 million or so normal's left, if we go by the Georgia Guidstones first law.

These bastards are nearing their endgame,all their pieces are nearly in place (truckers strike included) I think this guy,SilasSpeaks on bitchute has it pegged. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dup2evmcOJ7Q/

All we can do is pray and resist,I also believe that the second seal (red horse) is about to be unleashed,the first seal being the last 2 years.See here--> https://biblehub.com/interlinear/revelation/6-2.htm read also the Greek above the word bow, don't forget that the these bastards work phonetically.Also the word toxon is an old English word that now means toxin...so the rider had a toxin and was handed a crown (corona) and "went forth overcoming and that he might conquer".

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