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Dear god...even the cultists who believe that this virus might be a severe, catastrophic death sentence for vast numbers of people around the world (which, of course, it absolutely is not!) would have to, at some stage (you would think), stop and examine the brutality being meted out by police forces everywhere, and ask WHY?

In the guise of controlling a so-called 'deadly virus', gestapo measures are now so commonplace and, it would appear, totally acceptable...even encouraged...by the masses, that people are willing to stand aside and allow these atrocities to continue.

The very idea that this could possibly be related to 'public health' quickly evaporates when examined in a sane, rational manner.

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Coincidentally, US tech companies such as Google, Twitter, and Apple all have their European Union headquarters in Ireland. According to McLuhanistic dualism, there are basically two sides - one side prefers individual freedom as does any rational human, and the other side prefers the safety of the flock as do hysterical sheep. Sheeple are actually lemmings in disguise. It goes from ghetto to box-car, in that order.

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