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BS,that's all they are full of,there isn't a single thing I believe from them anymore.As for the "global warming" lie,I've never believed it...first it was 'a mini ice age is coming', then they flipped the script.Pathetic liars doing their fathers work.They are the polluters of this world,they are the ones that made shiny objects the masses 'need',we got along just fine without cell phones and pc's when I was younger....we actually had a better quality of life back then.Mankind is a slave to the beast system and most don't know it or if they did,would they even care? As long as they get their dopamine fix every 10 seconds.And I know it may sound hypocritical because I (obviously) am using a pc,(will not use a smartphone)I know when it is time to turn it off,I will and won't look back,because the only thing they are useful for is gleaning some knowledge of really happening in the world that truth seekers share.

So bugger off Mr. bonesman Kerry,you and your like.....I'll tell you what ,ask musk,that other liar, to send you and your globalist buddies on a 1 way trip to mars,that's of course if you can get through the Van Allen radiation belt....ps please take that other upstart Greta with you.

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