Open Letter To The Australian Human Rights Commission, The UN And Amnesty International

Australians Are Under Attack

To Members of the Respective Human Rights Organizations, 

I am contacting you in my capacity as an author, researcher and activist who has been closely monitoring policing in various locations worldwide since the start of the pandemic. 

A very urgent and important matter has come to the attention of myself and many others in the international community which relates to the nation of Australia. 
It is evident that the population there is under attack and I would like that this is acknowledged by your organization. I would also like you to acknowledge and recognize that the nation of Australia is now a post-democratic society and that its people are being besieged by a police force that is Fascist, dangerous and vicious. 

I would also request that you designate the New South Wales Police Force and the Victorian Police Force as criminal organizations - as you would with any group of violent armed assailants who are assaulting and brutalizing unarmed civilians. 

It should also be declared that the Australian government is now operating as a sinister Fascist regime in their attempts to imprison and fine their population for exercising the rights that are inalienable to the people of a Western Liberal Democracy, such as the right to peacefully assemble and the right to free speech. It is to be suggested that the government of Australia is now viewed in the same light as the governments of Eritrea, North Korea or Eswatini are. 

I would also recommend that close attention be paid to the words emanating from the mouths of politicians in the nation, as there are obvious attempts to agitate conflict amongst the public. It is my belief that by loudly and vociferously referring to a section of the public - those who are exercising their right to dissent against unconstitutional, human rights-eroding policies - as everything from 'boofheads', 'idiots', 'filthy', 'selfish' and 'disgusting' it is very clear that efforts to dehumanize and vilify certain citizens are being undertaken. These are not new tactics. Adolf Hitler used them 90 years ago. They are now being used in an indecent, dishonourable, debased and unseemly manner by the Police Minister for New South Wales, David Elliott, Deputy Police Commissioner for New South Wales, Gary Worboys and Shadow Police Minister, Walt Secord to name a few. This unbefitting, coarse, inarticulate language is what you would expect to hear in a back alley nightclub at 2 am on a Saturday morning and is indicative of a government that is failing in its agendas. 

Lastly, I would like to ask you, as advocates for human rights, to view the below links. These are just a couple of examples of how the police force in Australia is terrorizing the population. As you will see from the footage, what is being demonstrated here is not law enforcement, but terrorism of the people. You will see an individual who is lying face-front on the ground, completely defenceless, being kicked in the head in one video and, in the other, an elderly man being tortured in front of his wife. These are visions that we would expect to see in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan - not Australia.

-Man tortured by police in front of wife

-Defenceless man kicked in the head

For this reason, I would like you to consider that the public in Australia is being subjected to the arbitrary whims of deeply disturbed, mentally ill, dangerously unstable sadists who are employed as police officers. This description may also be applied to many of the nation's politicians, judging by their hate-filled vitriol and divisive rhetoric. 

Lastly, you should be reminded that all Fascist regimes, like the one currently on display in Australia, eventually fall and the perpetrators of Fascism are soon brought to justice. It is therefore crucial for you to realize that the human rights organizations that acted to speak out against such atrocities will be remembered favourably, and those who sat idly by twiddling their thumbs while a nation's people were subjected to violence, will have to answer for their inaction. 

I would ask that you move immediately with regard to these current abuses of human rights and ensure that this loutish, brutal behaviour is reined in.  

Gary Jordan 
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